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Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Kindle or Not to Kindle?

I'm getting ready to travel tomorrow.  It will take me the entire day to get from UT to upper NY.  Eleven hours, a shuttle and two airports, gone for a week. 

This is the first extended trip I've taken since receiving my Kindle as a gift from my husband.  Had I not already become enamored with it, I would have today as I packed.  One device - with a dozen novels to choose from and interesting non-fiction to explore.  Neatly tucked in my purse.  No tote bag full of books, just in case. No hoping they have a decent bookstore in the next airport.  Such convenience, such luxury!

To think I resisted the very idea of an e-reader.  I was sure the reading experience would be diminished without the feel, the smell of a 'real' book.  What about the pleasures of a bookstore, it's visual feast of color and print, sharing recommendations with a stranger, perusing purchases over a Starbuck's latte?

I still read 'real' books.  Mostly non-fiction, but the occasional fiction I know I'll want for my personal library shelves.  And I still go to our local Barnes and Noble to check out new arrivals, to share recommendations with strangers, to peruse (ok, on my Kindle) a recent purchase.  Because, for me at least, it's not either/or.  It's both/and.




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